The Hunger Games

Seriously.  This blew my mind.

I am in the post-movie brain blend, and pretty damn tired.  Still.

Reality-TV’s gladiatorial self-commodification.  The spinning of the life narrative.  Manipulation of human drama. Remote warfare.  Hope as a means of control.

I’m pretty impressed that this snuck through as a blockbuster and got widespread, mass distribution.

I think that this film makes its own meta comment on going and enjoying it as a movie as being part of the machine that it is illuminating.

(In fact, I only saw it because of a last minute whim, any preview or media coverage that I had seen had really not made me interested, if anything I had decided that I was anti-the hoopla).

The conondrum of how inspiring content or ideas can break through and use the machinations of soma-entertainment.

I’m pretty gob-smacked.



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