hip hop


Imagine the world without ladies.  Dismal.  Then again, imagine it without gents.

Anyway, here’s a cool little journey on female rappers, starting with Roxanne Shante and Baby Love in the Rock Steady Crew.  Good good.  Roxanne has like a million verses and Baby Love has two lines.  Interesting to see the Rock Steady Crew as kids, really, kids.  Such a – I would even say – innocent positivity there.  Fun times when ya got some time.

Heaps Decent: Props and Profound

Heaps Decent are awesome.  Volunteer DJs and such who facilitate music workshops with underprivileged kids, indigenous kids: with production I would love.  Seriously.  Inspiring to hear this shit done well, profound to hear the voices and rhythms and stories from the mall and Mount Druitt and Moree and jail.  Really nodding my head like while driving home.  Impressive, liberating and hopeful.

Go you inspired artists making shit happen.  Go FBi for featuring this.  Go you kids.